Saturday, September 6, 2008

The return of Fluffy.

  I have not mentioned Fluffy before, as it was a rather painful subject for me.  She was my girlfriend.  She is a cute little calico.  We used to play together, take naps in the sun together, gaze out the window together!  She was my constant companion.  Until one day when I awoke and she was gone. No note, no sign of her anywhere.  I was devastated.  
  I had given up on her returning until just yesterday.  I was following one of my people, as I know they need constant companionship at every moment, even in the bathroom.   While they were distracted, I thought I caught a glimpse of Fluffy high atop a shelf.  Was this her new home?  Was she trying to hide from me?  Or did she simply find herself stuck and in need of rescue?  I had to find out.  My frequent attempts to reach her were repeatedly thwarted by my people.  For some reason they yell and chase me when I climb up on wooden furniture.  I decided to wait and try again when they were not around.
  Last night I made my move.  They house was dark and quiet.  I carefully balanced myself on the desk, then the shelf, then the next shelf.  There she was!  Quietly curled up just waiting for me to rescue her!  Oh the joy of being reunited.  We played and tumbled and took a nap together.  I was so happy to show my humans when they returned later in the evening.  For some reason they did not seem to share my joy.  What do they know?  I was just so happy to have my Fluffy back.

  And then I awoke this morning.  She was gone again.  I suppose this was inevitable.  She is a rather free spirit and I don't suppose she enjoyed being tied down as a housecat.  I found myself checking all of her favorite hiding places to no avail.  Sigh.  I guess I am back to being single.  But I will always have the fond memory of the return of Fluffy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is this election over yet?

I get the conservative commentary, I guess I understand the liberal point of view,                                   I'm just tired of hearing it all!

           Can't we just relax to a little Billie Holiday or Glenn Miller?
                        Oh, to a more simple time.