Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is this election over yet?

I get the conservative commentary, I guess I understand the liberal point of view,                                   I'm just tired of hearing it all!

           Can't we just relax to a little Billie Holiday or Glenn Miller?
                        Oh, to a more simple time.


Lanny said...

yOh Mr Wooley, I think you would be interested if you knew that one of the planks of one party was to ban soft kitty food and the other party had two planks; one to neuter all pets that can't trace their ancestry back five generations, and declaw all native born pets. Be careful or you may have to go underground!

So listen up Mr Wooley and wait for the dance music till November.

KathyB. said...

Oh Mr. Wooley, such an inconvenience for you to suffer through any and all political AND non-political commentary and discussion that does not revolve around or affect you !

Just take a long cat nap while purring loudly.

p.s. KathyB. has just inflicted a bit of bothersome blog game on you...she was tagged by a blogger and in turn tagged you , if you're so list 5 things we might not know about you.She fully understands you might not want to be troubled by such trivial pursuits.