Thursday, May 21, 2009

My new friend

I made a new friend today.  He came to visit, although I could not get through the window to greet him, and I could not open the door.  The people were no help either.So we resorted to chatting through the window.  Turns out he's head of the neighborhood block watch, and he calls himself Vern. Apparently this area used to be on the rather seedy side.  His experience is evident  in his many war wounds.  He is a little intimidating with the scar that causes his lip to curl up over his fang on one side of his mouth.  I wouldn't want to cross him in a dark alley.  I assured him that I am a great guard cat, even without my front claws.  I have learned to compensate with my teeth

I'm glad we are on good terms!  I hope he comes back to visit soon.

M. Wooley


Lanny said...

Oh yeah, you're doing well! I was a little nervous I must say that perhaps something foul (but certainly not fowl) had happened to you. I see now you are just fine. I do hope you pop in a little more often. Perhaps you can relay neighborhood info via Vern!

A. Joy said...

Looks like Vern is claiming YOUR patio as his afternoon nap time. Soon he'll be claiming YOUR birds too and fertilizing your people's hydrangeas... better get to work Mr. W.