Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here's to good food and great naps.

  You know, I can't even seem to take a bath in private anymore.  This camera thing is getting out of hand.  I don't know why these people feel the need to document every second of their lives.  I guess they have nothing better to do.  How sad and utterly pathetic.

 I had the strangest dream last night.  I was on a fantastic warm Hawaiian beach with wonderful food and luxurious drinks.  The smell of the tropical flora was beyond description!  I was just about to chat up a cute feline of the female persuasion basking in the sun, when I was rudely awakened by the male human deciding he wanted to sit in my chair.

 That's ok though.  He will pay later when he least expects it.  I know where he keeps his toothbrush.


M. Wooley


KathyB. said...

Mr. Wooley, you mean your human actually removed you from YOUR chair ? GASP! Oh my oh my. You poor dear worthy of obeisance feline. Really though, the humans have no business documenting anything but you , oh amazing one !

I suggest leaving the toothbrush in the litter box ! That should teach him . KathyB.

Lanny said...

Sorry your relations are less than generous. It is interesting isn't it that just when we find someone barely tolerable, we find that perhaps they have had a difficult time.