Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The day my life changed forever.

  Hello my dear followers. It is with great solemness that I return to my blog today. It has taken me a week to prepare myself mentally for this.
 I will take this one sentence at a time.

Starting back at the beginning of this nightmare of a week................

Last Tuesday began pretty much like any other day. I had forgiven the people for being gone so long, and things were quite peaceful around the house. I was enjoying having them stay home all day long, especially so that my food bowl was always full. But on this morning, I should have realized something was askew. First off, I had not been fed since the evening prior, after which they took my food AND water away. I protested loudly all morning, but they would not give me any food!!!! And then they brought out this familiar looking green box with a little door on the front. I discovered that my beloved Fluffy was inside. I went in to snuggle with her, and the people shut the door. I still was not too concerned. We got too go outside and go for a ride in a huge noisy machine. I actually got quite comfortable and began to doze!

The next thing I knew, I looked around and I was in a huge white room. I could hear dogs barking and other felines crying. What was this horrible place? And the smells...indescribable. Then suddenly, I was being taken away by a strange person, and my female person was leaving! Again, I protested loudly. That was my last memory until later the same day.

Now, it is all quite a blur, but I remember fragments. I woke up to Fluffy's blank stare. Apparently she was just as confused as I was. I remember my female person coming to take me away, going again in the noisy machine. All the sounds seemed so much louder! I unnervingly felt no pain, I was just very thirsty. We returned to the warm home, and I was relieved to be in familiar surroundings. My female person finally opened the little door and I tried to walk out of the little green box. Suddenly, I was on my side on the floor! The room was spinning. Dear heavens, what in the world was wrong? And what are these annoying and strange blue bandages on my front paws? I struggled to the bathroom, and then was picked up and placed in a warm, quiet spot on the couch where I again fell asleep.

 I awoke sometime later, still very wobbly and thirsty. What were these stupid bandages for? And worst of all, I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but something was missing. It wasn't until hours later that I realized what it was. I will spare my readers the ugly details. Let's just say my life has changed forever. As the days have passed and I have sought treatment with my therapist, I am learning to cope with my new found disability. I am reaching out to my fellow felines to let all of you know that there is life after this surgery. You must find a good support group, and realize that you are still a feline. I wouldn't be able to cope without my people and Fluffy.

I am feeling much better today. I am not sure, however, why my front claws do not seem to be working. I don't know if that is a side effect of the medicine, but until they come back I must remember to be careful what I jump on to.

That is all for now. Thank you to all my readers for your continued support. I will make it through this difficult time. I am thinking about starting a feline support group. More on that later..........

M. Wooley


KathyB. said...

Oh poor Mr. Wooley ! Believe me, you will feel better. You will be able to catch birds and mice, even if your claws 'don't work '. Life will be wonderful again, especially since your humans will no longer worry about the furniture and walls. You will be loved and appreciated even more....so take full advantage of this down time. Be as pathetic as possible and just soak up all the cuddling and treats you can possibly coax out of them !

Wilson Clan said...

Hello Mr. Wooley. I had fun seeing you this past weekend. You were so...docile...and non-threatening. I'm sure "this" will become normal. :) Petting you from a distance, Shannon. :)