Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freedom is overrated.

As I lay here gazing out the screen door at the big world beyond, I contemplate evicting my human roommates. Oh to have my freedom! No sharing the bathroom, no being locked out of the bedrooms away from the wonderful giant bed, no limits on where I can roam! I don't know how I got myself into this situation. I must have a soft spot for these humans. Where would they be without me, anyway?

Darn it, I want that spider crawling there outside.....sorry, I let myself become distracted for a moment.

What a lovely garden to play in! I would love to knock all the bright colored flowers from their stems. But, alas, the humans are crafty enough to keep the back door closed. I am still working on gaining my upper body strength ( think all that screen climbing is paying off), and when I am ready I will make my move. It's not always about strength anyway, it's agility, which they seem to be quite lacking. Oh, they have so much to learn. I will just have to be patient for now.

Besides, I suppose I would be quite bored if they were gone. No ear scratching, no faces to rub my behind in, no toes to bite. Yes, my days would be sadly empty. Not to mention the meals. I am not a "house cat". Forget fixing my own meals, I refuse! That is what hired help and humans are for. It is admittedly pleasant to receive my meals at my beck and call. Yes, that is a plus. Sigh. I guess I will keep them around. If only they knew how lucky they are to have a cat like me.

I will bid you farewell now.

A very unappreciated,

M. Wooley


KathyB. said...

Ah yes, where would we be without our cats. They do so give our lives purpose....and it is our lot in life to serve them, Oh awesome cat !

It must be such a privilege and honor to have Mr. Wooley to serve ! You're so lucky ! KathyB.

Lanny said...

Mr. Wooley, someone has disclosed your true identity to us.

We did not know at first who you really were, we just enjoyed reading about a fellow who is so similar to our very own. Ah, this explains so much of your inner thoughts.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. I suppose it is hard to post on your blog with your humans around.

Purr Bob thinks that he ought to be able to post blogs too, but he's not as smart as you and it shows in his spelling and grammer. Even I can spell better than that.

Lanny said...

Purr Bob and the Rat Terrier girls were in watching the episodes of this season's Project Runway that we missed. They want to know, Mr. Wooley, what you thought of the bottom three in the Olympic challenge. We think Jennifer got ripped. If the RT girls had to pick which one of the bottom three outfits that they would rather NOT wear it was Jerell Scott's, you know the guy who was wearing a dress in the Brooke Sheild's challenge. The girl girls weren't even sure that they would want to wear it while playing dress up with Ann and Abbey, unless it was for a comedy routine.

So what did you think?

Mr. Wooley said...

In my absence I have had time to lament on the Project Runway episode in question. I must agree with you. Although Jennifer's outfit did not exactly scream "Olympics", it was a much more aesthetically pleasing ensemble. I wouldn't be caught dead in Jerell Scott's Mother Goose Olympic costume get-up. Wake up judges!