Friday, August 8, 2008

Slave to fashion.

  Well, as I surmised, I'm feeling quite improved today.  I had a leisurely morning after the humans disappeared.  After taking my early morning nap, I remembered my the incident yesterday and decided to make use of the wonderful blue cushy thing the humans sit on to sharpen my claws.  It worked beautifully!

  After chasing the cat in the glass china cabinet for a time, I became spent and decided to take my mid morning nap.  It really can be so boring around here with no humans to attack.  I decided to eat lunch, then took my early afternoon nap.  After sniffing the perimeter and climbing the window screen, it was time for my mid-afternoon nap.  This, by the way, was rudely interrupted when the she-human reappeared.  So much for a peaceful afternoon.  At least I can get my dinner now.  

Time to sign off....I need to catch up on my Project Runway....yes, I said it.  

Till tomorrow.......Auf Wiedersehen!

M. Wooley

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Lanny said...

We love "Project Run Way". Did they start a new season? My husband even likes it, he does a great imitation of Tim. He loves to clap his hands at us girls and say, "Make it work, make it work." We laugh the first few times.